About Channel Services / SEPS (Special Event Production Services)

This division called SEPS (Special Event Production Services) takes advantage of two large scale events to launch an all inclusive tailored to each of the broadcasters need, as a the local branch of the channel during the coverage of these events.  Created to attend the two major events happening in Brazil, the WORLD CUP 2014, and the RIO OLYMPICS 2016, SEPS will continue to serve international clients for Broadcast production needs in Brazil throughout the year.

To provide a full production service as well as logistical support and service coordination, a one stop shop for Broadcasters and Programmers on large scale sport events.

ARCO takes advantage of the knowledge of broadcasters needs, due to its long time servicing and organizing production and transmission of Sport events, together with the acquired experience and network of operating in Brazil for the passed 15 years, and of trust chain of suppliers of ancillary services such as Security, Transportation, Accommodations, and logistics.

Imagem Channel Prod. Services Back OfficeBACK OFFICE

A central office will be set up in São Paulo with one head director commanding the executive producers will be assigned to each client.  The office shall have a 1-800 number that can be reached 24 hours 7 days a week to handle all the necessities of the clients with anything that they might need.  The producers shall be fluent in Portuguese, and an additional language for better communication. (English, French, Spanish, German, and Italian)

Each production team shall be established depending on the size of the crew and the size of the package of services contracted.  It will be a one stop shop where ever need or problem shall be resolved through our office in order to guarantee comfort, support, and the  fluency of the production and the experience while covering the event.


We have the capacity of receiving payments both in Brazil or through our US branch or our BVI accounts.  We will handle all the billing of all the third parties, service providers, rentals, hotels, transportation, and additional expenses directly to us.  ARCO will organize the billing invoices statements and handle and centralize all expenses for our clients, and bill them periodically.  Organization can be customized to each client according to their specific needs.