About World Cup

One of the largest sporting events on the planet is going to be hosted in Brazil from June 12 until July 13 of 2014.
The next FIFA World Cup takes place in twelve cities around the country: Sao Paulo, Belo Horizonte, Brasilia, Cuiaba, Curitiba, Manaus, Fortaleza, Natal, Porto Alegre, Salvador, Recife and Rio de Janeiro, where the final will be played at the famous Maracana Stadium.

Get more information about those capitals to start planning your team tour.

– Sao Paulo:

State: Sao Paulo
Airports: Guarulhos International Airport / Cumbica – Governador Andre Franco
Montoro and São Paulo Airport/ Congonhas
Stadium: Itaquera Arena / Corinthians Stadium
Altitude: 792 meters
Area: 1.522,986 km²
Density: 7.216,3 inhabitants/km²
GDP: R$ 282.852,338 million
Population: 11.244.369 inhabitants
Time Zone: GMT -3

– Rio de Janeiro:

State: Rio de Janeiro
Airports: Rio de Janeiro International Airport / Galeao – Antonio Carlos Jobim and
Santos Dummont
Stadium: Maracana – Mario Filho Stadium
Altitude: 0 to 380 meters
Area: 1.264,296 km²
Density: 5.190,5 inhabitants /km²
GDP: R$ 127.956,075 million
Population: 6.323.037 inhabitants
Time Zone: GMT -3

– Belo Horizonte:

State: Minas Gerais
Airports: Tancredo Neves International Airport – Confins and Belo Horizonte
National Airport – Pampulha
Stadium: Mineirao – Governador Pinto Magalhaes Stadium
Density: 7.251,5 inhabitants/km²
Altitude: 858 meters
Area: 330,954 km²
GDP: R$ 42,15 billion
Population: 2.375.444 inhabitants
Time Zone: GMT -3

– Porto Alegre:

State: Rio Grande do Sul
Airport: Salgado Filho International Airport
Stadium: Beira Rio
Density: 2.878,7 inhabitants/km²
Altitude: 10 metros
Area: 496.827 km²
GDP: R$ 36,8 billion
Population: 1.409.939 inhabitants
Time Zone: GMT -3

– Brasilia:

State: Distrito Federal
Airport: Brasilia International Airport – Presidente Juscelino Kubitschek
Stadium: National Stadium – Mane Garrincha
Density: 407,3 inhabitants/km²
Altitude: 1000 a 1200 meters
Area: 5.802 km²
GDP: R$ 117,6 billion
Population: 2.562.963 inhabitants
Time Zone: GMT -3

– Cuiaba:

State: Mato Grosso
Airport: Marechal Rondon International Airport
Stadium: Pantanal Arena
Density: 153,4 inhabitants/km²
Altitude: 165 meters
Area: 3.538,167 km²
GDP: R$ 9,01 billion
Population: 551.350 inhabitants
Time Zone: GMT −4

– Curitiba:

State: Parana
Airport: Afonso Pena International Airport
Stadium: Arena da Baixada – Joaquim Americo Guimaraes Stadium
Density: 4.111 inhabitants/km²
Altitude: 934 meters
Area: 434.967 km²
GDP: R$ 43,3 billion
Population: 1.746.896 inhabitants
Time Zone: GMT -3

– Fortaleza:

State: Ceara
Airport: Pinto Martins International Airport
Stadium: Castelao – Governador Placido Castelo Stadium
Altitude: 21 meters
Area: 313,140 km²
Density: 7.748 inhabitants /km²
GDP: R$ 28,3 billion
Population: 2.447.409 inhabitants
Time Zone: GMT -3

– Manaus:

State: Amazonas
Airport: Eduardo Gomes International Airport-Manaus
Stadium: Amazonia Arena
Altitude: 92 meters
Area: 11.400 km²
Density: 150,2 inhabitants/km²
GDP: R$ 38,1 billion
Population: 1.802.525 inhabitants
Time Zone: GMT -4

– Natal:

State: Rio Grande do Norte
Airports: Augusto Severo International Airport and Sao Gonçalo do Amarante Airport
Stadium: Dunas Arena
Altitude: 30 meters
Area: 170,298 km²
Density: 4638 inhabitants/km²
GDP: R$ 8,7 billion
Population: 803.811 inhabitants
Time Zone: GMT -3

– Recife:

State: Pernambuco
Airports: Recife International Airport – Guararapes – Gilberto Freyre
Stadium: Pernambuco Arena
Altitude: 4 meters
Area: 218 km²
Density: 6.422 inhabitants /km²
GDP: R$ 22,5 billion
Population: 1.536.934 inhabitants
Time Zone: GMT – 3


State: Bahia
Airports: Salvador International Airport – Dep. Luis Eduardo Magalhaes
Stadium: Fonte Nova – Otavio Mangabeira Stadium
Altitude: 8 meters
Area: 706,799 km²
GDP: R$ 29,7 billion
Population: 2.676.606 inhabitants
Time Zone: GMT -3

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