Originally founded as Prodigo Television in 1999, ARCO MEDIA began as a distribution company that focused mainly in selling live sport events to Brazilian and Latina American open Tv and cable channels. It forged strong relationship and business with the major TV channels, ESPN, ESPN Brazil, Sportv, Band, Bandsports, Globo, Fox Sports, and the extinct PSN. We supplied not only the programming but also the technical and satellite services delivering our programming to the channels. ARCO also began selling other programming to cable entertainment channels.

After understanding well the market ARCO began looking for opportunities to bring international investors into Brazil and acted as a mediator in closing JV’s, or in M&A operations. It successfully concluded the sale of EURO CHANNEL, a cable channel that belonged to the ABRIL GROUP, to the French company Multithematiques, which then belonged to CANAL +.

After making the sale ARCO was hired to operate the Brazilian offices of the channel, taking care of all the promo, on air, Ad sales, and affiliate and distribution relations. It did this for a period of three years.

With all the recent changes in the Brazilian media laws, mostly due to 12.485 Law, ARCO is once again taking advantage of its knowledge of the Brazilian market and it’s strong network with the players to once again forge new business in the media market.