Adriano CivitaAdriano Civita

Graduated with BS in Film and Broadcast from Boston University, with concentrations on economics and psychology. He worked previously at at Walt Disney Television, Touchstone Pictures, MTV, and Bandeirantes Television Group. In 1995 he founded the Prodigo constituted by Prodigo Films, Prodigo Television and Prodigo Advertising, where her remained CEO up until 2011. Prodigo grew to become one of the biggest production companies in Brazil. Working with production, distribution, channel servicing, and intermediating deals in the Brazilian media business.

He has worked as a producer on a various TV shows, theatrical documentaries, and feature films. Recently he has produced and directed the original HBO series (fdp) which began airing in September 2012. On another front he has been part of the Federal Council of ABPITV (The Brazilian Independent Producers Association) and has worked to foster, and transform the independent producers relationship and business together with the programmers into a growing profitable industry.

He is still a board member and partner in Prodigo Films, and now is the ceo for ARCO

Herbert GaussBeto Gauss

Graduated with a degree in Publicity and Advertising from the FIAM UNIVERSITY and post graduate as Executive Producer of Film and Television at Getúlio Vargas University FGV.

Has worked with audiovisual production since 2003. He partner and an executive producer at Prodigo Films, and recently produced his first feature film, “Matraga” launched at the “Rio de Janeiro International FIlm Festival 2011” (Brazil), wining five awards: “Best Movie” (Official Jury), “Best Movie” (Popular Jury), “Best Actor” (João Miguell), “Best Supporting actor “(José Wilker) and” Honor Mention “(Chico Anysio). Currently, on ficcion, he produced the TV Series (15×30) “Oscar Freire 279,” (Multishow) and “FDP” (13×30), a co-production with HBO, premiere in April, 2012.

He has been working in distribution for the past 6 years, operating with all the major networks and sports cable channels in Brazil.