Every aspect of the production shall be provided for, from studio rental, set construction, set design if need, light design, equipment rentals, local crew, posting facilities, and uplink trucks.  ARCO through its production branch (Prodigo Films) has access to the best crews in different stats as well as the most experienced talent, to guarantee a smooth and international standard of HD broadcast.


ARCO through its 20 years producing in Brazil has developed a network of the most experienced location scouts in the different cities o Brazil.  These professionals will work according to the briefing of each broadcaster to find the perfect location, all permits and authorizations in order to guarantee that all the news casts, and programming counts with the correct background.  We have a roster of all the studios in the different cities.  If some special need may arise of creating a studio in an apartment or house, in order to have the a special backdrop (ie: a beach in rio) we shall scout and coordinate all the necessary steps and authorizations to turn that location into a studio, and provide for the uplink.